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Climbing triangle BASIC with double ladder & slide

Climbing triangle BASIC with double ladder & slide

Educational Toy | Pikler triangle

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Educationally valuable climbing triangle, also called Pikler triangle, for the children's room.
  • 🧒 ACTIVE PLAYTIME - Watch your angel play for hours - with our climbing triangle. Challenging steps and climbing net will be your Delight your child for sure!
  • 🧒 ROBUST & DURABLE - Made of plywood and hardwood, this collapsible ladder carries children up to 50kg - suitable for even the wildest of toddlers! You can fold it by you just 2 screws remove.
  • 🧒 KIDS SAFE - This indoor jungle gym with water-based paint is designed with your child's safety in mind.
  • 🧒 EASY ASSEMBLY - Assembly couldn't be simpler. Each part is clearly labeled so that you assemble everything effortlessly you can – without specialist knowledge or special tools.

Would you like to support your child's development through active play?

Aside from being fun, exercise is very important to children's overall well-being . Physical activity plays an essential role in the development of your child's motor skills and cardiovascular health . That's why you're probably looking for the perfect mini playground for your toddler. It should be sturdy, durable and guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

Our climbing triangle brings hours of fun into your own children's room.

Product Details:

  • Height: 60 cm - is therefore perfect for small children
  • Slide: 100x33 cm
  • Pole thickness: 35mm - perfect for little ones' tiny hands and feet
  • Safety lock ensures the ladder will not wobble or collapse during use.

This wooden triangle is a must have for any family with active kids - the perfect addition to the bedroom, playroom or living room.

When you see this climbing tower, your child will definitely be amazed. It motivates physical activity , promoting muscle and bone development and independence.

Additional advantages:

✅Wear-resistant parts for longer fun
✅Keeps kids entertained for hours
✅ Great gift for birthday or Christmas

Educational Benefit

Our climbing triangles and sets, also known as Pikler triangles , have been developed entirely according to the Pikler idea . They promote the physical and mental development of the child.

age recommendation

Our climbing triangles, arches and sets are designed for children aged 1 to 5 years .

Care tips

Here you will find valuable tips on how to care for the products to ensure the health of your children as well as the quality and longevity of the wooden products:

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material / origin

Beech wood, birch wood, free of harmful substances / made of natural and untreated material. We use high-quality untreated natural wood . Our paints are water-based, which is solvent-free and therefore child-friendly.

The toys are CE marked and meet the requirements of the EU 2009 safety directives.

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our climbing triangles / Pikler triangles are developed according to Pikler & Montessori ideas and promote gross and fine motor skills.

  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our climbing triangles are safe when standing and robust when climbing. Depending on the recommended age, it can also be used by 2 children.

  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our triangles can be expanded at any time with suitable slides or climbing ramps.

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