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Activity Board Holly Bunny

Activity Board Holly Bunny


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Get to know the new activity board "Holly Rabbit" .

Fascinating mazes , interesting gears , challenging castles and the adventures of the lovable little bunny !

Size 66cm*65cm

A child's mind is in its fingertips.

Fine motor skills are the ability to make fine and precise movements with the hands and fingers, made possible by the coordinated interaction of the child's nervous system, vision, attention, memory and perception.

The development of fine motor skills plays an important role in the harmonious development of the child . It is worth noting that the fine motor skills of the hands in general are directly related to the development of speech . This has been proven by scientific studies. Accordingly, fine finger movements have a positive influence on language development.

But not only the language is affected. Fine motor skills and regular repetition of this exercise improves visual memory, coordination of movements and develops imagination . In general, the development of the brain is promoted.

A game board is an ideal tool for developing fine motor skills.

Playing with the board encourages perseverance, alertness and concentration . It also promotes the development of thinking, brain activity and fine motor skills in the hands. In addition, it will replace more than a dozen other toys.

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age recommendation

Our activity boards & cubes have the safest shape and are certified for children from 10 months.

Materials & Safety

All BusyKids toys are made from only eco-friendly materials with sincere love for children.

Our activity boards & cubes are CE certified. All paints and varnishes used for painting are of the highest quality and only water based, safe for children.

Delivery & assembly

All of our busykids brand products (except for motor skills cubes) are supplied as a kit with assembly instructions .

The accessories for our activity boards and houses attach without screws and are attached within 2 minutes.

Quality & Guarantee

Every BusyKids toy is assembled by hand and carefully checked.

We grant a 2-year guarantee for our activity boards & cubes!

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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