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Growing chair (Montessori tower), different colours

Growing chair (Montessori tower), different colours

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This toddler chair that grows with your child will be your kids' best friend in the kitchen and your best helper.

Such a chair will help free mom or dad's hands while cooking. The child remains occupied, safe and supervised during this time . The chair has an adjustable backrest, footrests, a removable and adjustable table , a table/book holder.

With a well thought-out design , this kitchen helper is multifunctional and versatile :

  • Children can use it as a ladder to reach high places and take what they want, help with cooking and any time they spend time with their parents. Due to the stable construction, the chair does not wobble and gives the child confidence and security.
  • The kitchen chair can be used as a simple dining chair , giving your kids the opportunity to sit with the whole family, feel like adults, giving them a new level of responsibility and a sense of certain appreciation.
  • You can use this kitchen chair as a place for kids to engage with whatever interests them. Thanks to the detachable table, you can put everything on it: a book, a coloring book, puzzles, a small building set, toys, a cell phone / tablet with an animated cartoon and much more that can captivate a child and keep them busy for the necessary time.


All elements of the chair are made of birch plywood without using any toxic substances . The entire wood surface is sanded to a smooth finish that protects your little one from splinters and other damage. During production, all parts are treated with linseed oil and beeswax , which means that the playset can be used both indoors and outdoors. But please don't use it in places where it is too humid. Suitable for children from 6 months.


Size: 43x51x85сm
Weight: 7.7kg

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