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4in1 set: snake ladder + arch + slide + climbing net, different colours

4in1 set: snake ladder + arch + slide + climbing net, different colours

Educational Toy | Pikler triangle

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This unique 4-in-1 climbing set is designed for children aged 1 to 7 years . Designed according to the Montessori method , which promotes children's development through physical activity .

Increases courage in a child, develops hand-eye coordination, strengthens muscles , balance control and motor skills (including dexterity and grip). If you're looking for a toddler toy that your child can play with safely, this is the perfect choice!

This set can be connected in a variety of ways, allowing children to let their imagination run wild and create new play spaces.


All items in the set are made from natural materials , the surface is sanded to perfection and then coated with linseed oil and beeswax . This means the set can be used indoors and outdoors .

  • Length with snake ladder as a cube: 296 cm
  • Length with snake ladder as a triangle: 340 cm
  • Width: 53 cm
  • Weight: 28.51kg

Included in the set are:

  • Slide and ramp

The design of the slide includes two sides, each of which has its own function. On one side, the climbing wall consists of a smooth slide for children and on the other side a climbing ramp (with 5 attached wooden boards), so there are more opportunities to make children's play interesting and exciting both when climbing up and sliding down. Your child can also use the sliding board as a bridge between two other climbing frames.

Weight: 4.6kg
Size: 104cm x 36.5cm

  • Climbing net

The frame is made of real wood, and in the manufacture of the rope itself we use durable rope fibers that do not deform over time.

Weight: 2.6kg
Size: rope climbing 104 cm x 47 cm

  • Climbing arch

The arch is perfect for toddlers to pick up and use as support as they learn to stand. For older children, the wooden arch can be used for climbing or rotated to create a unique balance board . The design of the arch allows it to be turned over and turned into a rocking chair with one simple movement.

Weight: 6.01kg
Size: 104 x 53 x 55 cm

  • Snake ladder

Just like a real snake, this wooden toy can be twisted into almost any shape you desire . Zigzag stairs, triangle, square, trapezoid, any other unique shape - now everything is possible. So far we have counted about 8 main options, but there are many more you can explore.

Weight: 15.3kg
Size: 106.5 x 18 x 11 cm

Educational Benefit

Our climbing triangles and sets, also known as Pikler triangles , have been developed entirely according to the Pikler idea . They promote the physical and mental development of the child.

age recommendation

Our climbing triangles, arches and sets are designed for children aged 1 to 5 years .

material / origin

Beech wood, birch wood, free of harmful substances / made of natural and untreated material. We use high-quality untreated natural wood . Our paints are water-based, which is solvent-free and therefore child-friendly.

The toys are CE marked and meet the requirements of the EU 2009 safety directives.

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our Pikler climbing sets are developed according to Pikler and Montessori ideas and promote gross and fine motor skills.

  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our sets can be put together individually and thus offer many possibilities and challenges

  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our sets are coordinated and can be securely plugged together.

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